Sunday, 22 April 2018

Weekend WOW Factor: Are Nigerian Youths Lazy?

So why did President Buhari state that Nigerian youths are lazy?
In truth, they don't actually get free housing education and health care do they?. No, They struggle.
I believe that President Buhari is of an entirely different generation now and perhaps dare I say slightly out of touch?.

He will contest a second term, and the mischievous side of me hopes he wins, mainly because I don't believe ageism is a reason ( which too many express) for him to relinquish power.
I'm sure there are many senators who are over fed and lazy and are nowhere near as old as Buhari.

Not until one gets to grips with peoples voting habits will there be much if any change.

I think it's hard to accuse youths of being lazy where they remain actually untested. I know I saw many youths working hard in the sun to sell their wares, so no, they as a collective are not lazy.

I believe that a poverty aka hangout mentaility exists in poorer countries across west Africa, and volunteerism is unfortunately almost non existent, but until there is fair and balanced wealth and wage gap, it's simply unfair to cite those who are without opportunity as lazy.

So no Mr President, that comment may work at home on our own children but on the world stage we need to be a little more discerning.

Interestingly, If the President believes the youth are simply lazy, what efforts will he make going forwards to change the current status quo?
A functioning civil society and an adapted welfare state could transform Nigeria
Manufactoring, and services, increased vocational training and JOBS.

We will always find lazy. But it's preferable to give lazy a chance before we call it by its name

President Buhari increasingly reminds me of a stuck up uncle. You love him but he's stuck in his ways


On a lighter note.. if you can fund a funnier pre election posturing debate than this I'd like to see it

" President my foot!"
ft Sowore of Sahara TV

Rayvanny - Makulusa ft Maphorisa x Dj Buckz

Timaya - Ah Blem Blem

Just because..

Yasolo - EddyKenzo & Heavy K

3,000 Years of Nigerian history in 6 minutes?

Tekno - Jogodo

Appearing at the One Africa music fest 2018
Get your tickets now
London Wembley

Too Black Too Strong

* Benjamin Zephaniah

Was correct.
He turned down the offer of an OBE back in 2003.
His reasons should be obvious, yet for those who are unaware, he did so as to accept such an award, given what the British empire did to people of African and Caribbean descent; and still do, would have made a mockery of him, and all that he stands for

Benjamin Zephaniah has a revolutionary mind.

Yet how many of us could do that?
How many of us could, or rather would turn down one of the Queens highest honours if given the chance?
Not many I suspect.
No, the ego, peer pressure family pressure and subconscious belief that the British monarchy actually means enough for us to bow our heads in trifling shame, and be at their mercy, is strong.

This week Commonwealth leaders visited London. What we hadn't realised perhaps, is that since Brexit the UK had been seducing the Commonwealth once more. invites abound for staff, labour, workers to fill the gap left by European migrants (once they flee).

The shame of the Windrush scandal I fear will abate too quickly.

I've lost count of the number of people I've met telling me their employer had asked for a bio metric ( or other) card and they didn't have one
What card?
What the hell is that?
Despite working in the front line I had no clue.
There was no training, no memo, no concern.
But you've worked there for years.. why now?

I had heard stories of Caribbean people being deported, (mainly on social media), but at the time there was little or no backstory.
So now we know.

The Windrush children and descendants are British. but they will ever really be ...British.
The government should grant immediate citizenship to those who failed to get papers.
im not sure why many didn't apply for, or get passports years ago but that's by the way now.
fact is, these black African Caribbean people were invited here. they came, they worked they set up home.

Setting up home may have been a mistake but again, that's by the way now.
I know that had I experienced the type of nasty racism that they did; to leave would have been my first priority.
We as children had to live with the dichotomy of respecting our parents, yet disobeying them at the same time.
Cooning was enemy number 1.
We were not prepared to coon our way through life, and neither did we feel anything but a sense of pride in our identity and ability to fight back.

Whether the British want us or not we don't care. black African Caribbeans are here to stay and for some folk, even black folk....being too black too strong is too much to handle.
There comes a time when the faux cockney accent won't work
That easy temperament that got you through at work and a deliberate tonal change doesn't cut it
a time when even even your friendship with Becky won't help
The neat fade or the 'Brazilian black'
A some point you'll be seen as too black too strong

Hostile environment?
Will they ever learn.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Mystro - Work

H.E President Maada Bio


Given a choice, would women choose Polygamy?

Your energy introduces you before you even say a word.
I'm not sure where that quote came from but great isn't it?

Do you know, in a world where so many of us seek perfection..
Your partner doesn't have to be perfect, just perfect for you...

I watched a short clip of a couple married for almost 50yrs. A sweet clip, where they spoke about the reality of marriage, not with regret or disappointment but with fondness. Between them they agreed that what has worked for them is the commitment to love, even if they don't feel loving. To recognise each others differences, and instead of seeing them as flaws, they see them simply as differences.

They believe in resolving disagreements within the home, not broadcasting them with the world, or badmouthing the other in a heated moment.
Your lover should compliment you.
Inspire continuous self development in each other and witness how sweet it can be.

A Kenyan politician recently advocated polygamy as a solution to family issues in Kenya, basically advocating that if the going gets tough or a man is irritated with his wife he should simply spend time with the other.
No introspection on self improvement required there huh.

Anyway, as you know I'm a romantic. Not in the cheesy sense, but in the real love sense.
It isn't always easy, no, being naive takes great skill lol!, but the result of such love is certainly fulfilling.
To led with love, in whatever you do in life, is a good thing

It takes courage to love, it requires a level of openness and vulnerability that can make even Kings quake.
Polygamy seems easy, but not for women.
Polygamy for women requires great sacrifice

Not sure what problems it can solve in Kenya.
Maybe Kenyan politicians should focus on the real issues at hand, and seek guidance on love related matters from women who have not totally given up on the idea that men can be loyal too.

Chale! this man horny sah..

Anyway, as long as they are happy...for sure, as long as they're all content.
Seems he has the resources to take care of them, and one can assume he's a good lover, worth waiting in line for.

Would you be a polygamous wife?

Monday, 9 April 2018

This African child.

So the tracing of my matrilineal line presented these results.
No real surprises here for me, but I need to go a little deeper. Also trace my fathers line, which I'm told can only be done via a male family member
It is possible to fine tune this search, also bare in mind arbitrary borders drawn up by colonisers.
Anyway, here you have it.

African/Caribbean Migrations
'Most African Caribbeans can trace their ancestry back to Western Africa from areas in present-day Ivory Coast, Ghana, Benin, Togo, Nigeria, the Republic of Cameroon, Republic of the Congo, and Mali. Over a three-hundred-year period, nearly 5 million people were enslaved and brought to the islands to work on sugar plantations. After emancipation in the early 1800s, they moved from island to island looking for seasonal work, usually returning home after the work was finished. Thousands journeyed to Panama, where they helped build the Panama Canal. Others moved to New York City and became successful business people and medical professionals'.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Goodbye Winnie

Last week we lost an icon.
A woman, a mother a wife, anti apartheid activist, and hero to many. A leader.
A woman of amazing strength, who shone in her beauty and her femininity.

What were you doing the day you heard that Winnie Mandela had died?

Winnie was a Queen to many of us.
A symbol of an ongoing struggle against injustice.

Yet there was no outpouring of grief. I don't think I've had a meanigful conversation with any woman, about what Winnie meant to them.
There was no Princess Diana fanfare.
Not here, not London.

Winnie suffered.
She herself incarcerated. Kept away from her husband, dragged from her home in the middle of the night with her children, and placed under observation. locals ordered not to talk to her.
Winnie was feared.
Black women like Winnie often are

But we shouldn't fear her, nor be afraid to speak of her.
We should not allow the media to dictate to us who to honour. who is important, who we should mourn.
As important as her husband, yet Winnie will never be granted the affection of the British nation, and why would they
There is a difference between being tolerated and being celebrated

We know enough to know that our heroes are our heroes for a reason
and we love them

The Queen, the mother of South Africa is gone, but never forgotten.

Mystro, & K1 De ultimate - Lagos@50

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Tuesday, 27 March 2018


Some may love you,
others may not
Some will appreciate you
Others , not so

It's ok.
Love yourself,
be your own best friend 1st and foremost.

You are uniquely made, and beautiful, everytime
Know your identity
Your beauty as a woman, or even as a man, may waver in the eyes of others
but allow it not in self
Self development is an ongoing process
Keep at it x

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Ky-Mani Marley - Best Thing

Sunday Musings - As The Clocks Go Forward

As we approach my favourite time of year ( Spring), Its been a quiet Sunday.. marked by the re-emergence of horrible tooth pain!.

It's actually quite hard to concentrate on anything for too long as I'm holding my jaw, berating myself for having let my dentist appointment go in the week. ( because the pain had subsided)

Now it's back with a vengeance, and I'm back on the painkillers.
I've got to get an appointment, how I'll juggle that around work I've no idea, but unless they want me screaming, crying and crawling all over the offices I would suggest some understanding lol.
Clove oil is good to ease pain, so why didn't I get some?
..because it was ok.
the lesson ... should I choose to learn it, is to be prepared.
I'll try the coconut oil again as that's here at least

Such was the pain that I didn't get to the laundromat and my machine simply won't turn, as much as I plead.

Maybe this is how men with a cold feel. :)


Anyway, enough of my whinging.

I have enjoyed the weekend, and caught up on some much needed sleep.

I watched some TV such as the Voice UK, and checked some news.
I was just as embarrassed as Jennifer Hudson seemed to be by her own choice, her face said it all. Either someone was pulling her strings back there or shr just reminded us what it looks like to 'sell out'
Jason Nicholson-Porter - a beautiful voice

I love her, but that was an uneasy watch.

Other shows include Masterchef (great!) come Dine (which I actually have ion in the background now) and dinner date.

I actually wanted to talk about self esteem, and confidence.

but I'll do that in another post as I've pretty much used this space to talk about.. OWWWW

Nicely done

Monday, 19 March 2018

Good Morning

Cant believe the weekend is over already!
I pretty much had 1 days rest, better than nothing I know but I looked outside and there's snow and ice, my machine is on the blink, not spinning, and my week threatens to be a busy one

I miss Abuja too much
on the upside my wisdom tooth pain has eased up significantly!
I ate so many painkillers the day before so maybe that's why.

Onwards and upwards, have a great day

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Weekend WOW Factor: Politics and Lies, UK Style

“..Ensure that humanity is served by wealth and not ruled by it.” - Pope Francis, delivered by Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana.

I'm pretty sure I've never quoted a Pope before, and doubt I will again, but... who knows

Today I thought about inequality.
Inequality exists because of us, simply put; me and you.
We create it, and then wonder how we can fix it, never really wanting to fix it, but simply saying so in the knowledge it's possibly the thing which should be said.

Get It?

The Global financial crisis of 2007-2008 which led to the UK banking crisis and the £37 billion bail out of Northern Rock Bank, which then led to the UK Government's hard line commitment to austerity measures, and apparently essential welfare reform

Because.. clearly, the financial crisis had everything to do with benefit claimants, and nothing to do with de-regulation of banks, and greed.
( forgive me a moment while I enjoy my sarcasm)

The demise of our public services are a direct result of the crisis, yet the focus somehow shifted to immigrants - migrants - immigration; solution? = Brexit
We have been sold a lie
Not everyone has bought this lie, but many have.
In fact, we have been sold many lies

One lie was, that the private sector will bridge the gap left by cuts to public services.
10 years on, and we can now look back and see that it has not.
It has not provided the jobs we were told it would, and more importantly, it did not deliver the expertise that existed within the public sector.
How could it?

No, amidst contracts, contractual agreements, outsourcing, and hype, what has occurred has been a steep learning curve for the Private Sector, but in reality, learning was never on the agenda. The agenda was profit.

'If you privatise prison services you will simply get more prisoners.
It becomes no longer about rehabilitation, but a numbers game'

Politically, I would understand if you called me a socialist.
It's not a dirty word to me, so it's cool.
Hear me out.
In a real practical sense, I have no issue with capitalism.
Lets face it. I am a product of a capitalist society, my fore-parents at one time were products, bought and sold against their will.

I understand trade. I believe in trade, but fair trade. I also believe profit is good.
It's why we do buisness.
But what I argue for is an Ethical Capitalism. The type of capitalism that keeps the souls of folk, in tact. The type of capitalism that does not destroy swathes of communities, exploit developing countries, fuel wars, and create divisions.

A capitalism which is sustainable and admirable.

The Private sector pretty much brought this country to its knees.
Yet somehow the sector has remained pretty much unscathed and unscrutanized. Trusted far too quickly, and questioned far too little..

The bluff is that old fashioned greed is good theory. The gloss of the private sector is however, wearing thin.
Real people with real needs; need real people.

What we need in this country, in this classist and racist system, is balance, an equal and even spread of public and private; and we currently do not have that.


Why did all Tory politicians vote to scrap free schools meals for families on universal credit?.
What the Tories are suggesting, is that if a family earn a penny over the tiny threshold allowance, they should pay for the meals.

I dont know about you but whilst we have been distracted with tales of Russian shenanigans, Tories have been voting in policies that most people would find deplorable.


The next election should be an easy win for any party other than the Tories. We simply cannot afford to leave the country in the hands of an out of touch privileged few. Anyone with any moral compass should now see exactly what The tories are about, and why our country is in the state it is in.


When we think back to the of weapons of mass destruction - distraction, it is not surprising that people are starting to wonder if this spy 'business' is true. Latest update is that it has been suggested that the nerve agent was produced right here in the UK.

You see, this is why I rarely talk about the UK.

It's disgraceful

We are as corrupt and misguided as any corruption prone developing country. In fact we are worse.
We are worse because we know better. We are worse because we are instruments of destruction and little development.
still raping Africa of its natural resources, still funding 'leaders' who really have no agenda for the continent, still as brazen as ever.

Free School Meals Petition

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Take Time Thursday ... ft Tekno - Your Luv

and early to bed.
No not to sleep just yet, but read and catch up on news music, and contemplation.
It's rare, I often don't get to bed until the early hours so this is a treat. I've just started reding the book Brit(ish) written by Afua Hirsch.An excellent and well thought out title, one which I can certainly relate to.

Early days, but Afua talks about her life as a middle class mixed race woman, initially in love with a Ghanaian guy, and her innate need to embrace her African identity. not quite fitting into either culture .. initially.
It's an interesting read so far, written through a lens of one with one black parent, and one white.
Dancing a dance of privilege on one side, yet not seemingly wholly comfortable with it.


Not sure how I stumbled across Oshay Duke Jackson's Channel, lol!, but I did, and found myself listening to episode after episode of African American men discuss all kinds of topics quite candidly. What's interesting about it is how open they all were about men women and relationships.
One episode with guest Donnovan Sharpe, who's are I can't remember was extremely interesting, and had me laughing out loud in places
A real Alpha male episode!.


I also found myself watching Dr Boyce Watkins, again, food for thought.


A serious topic on Battabox and only a Nigerian can make you laugh without even trying

What should you do if a man is trying to rape you?

Bite him, bite the manhood and if you can...

"Swallow it o!"


Tekno is a genius
Slim daddy indeed..

Tekno. A younger version of an ex of many moons ago.
Same face, only Tekno is cuter, and with talent.
Well done, nice track

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Simi - Complete Me

Weekend WOW Factor: APC under Pressure? & Can Nigeria Become The Steel Giants Of Africa with Ajaokuta?

Sierra Leone elections and SLPP are leading the way with the APC trailing.after 75% of the count. Final results should be in tomorrow.
Issues include over voting (spoiled votes)
A potential run off predicted.

APC have thrown everything at this election, but I could barley believe my ears at hearing waves of APC supporters chanting at a political rally.. we are Chinese...


Ajaokuta is a multibillion-dollar Steel Mill located in Nigeria. It was built by the Soviet Union in 1979! in partnership with Nigeria. The project reached 98% completion by 1994..... before coming to an abrupt halt.

The mismanaged project has not produced a single sheet of steel.
ex President Obassanjo agreed a deal to revive the project, but this was revoked by President Umaru Must Yar'Adua, and the project ended up in arbitration with an attempt to mediate among stakeholders, after what was deemed a breech of contract

Ajaokuta has the potential to create thousands of jobs, and revive Nigeria's economy, in addition to making Nigeria the largest producers of steel across Africa.

Over 22yrs... of nothing.

This is a travesty, yet rarely mentioned outside of Nigeria.

I hope they can resolve the issue
Millions of dollars unaccounted for..... in what could be Nigeria's biggest scandal

Nigerian court seizes 56 houses linked to ex-oil minister Diezani Alison-Madueke

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Some good music and.. Happy Independence Day Ghana

In case you missed it, Ghana celebrated the 61st Independence Day yesterday

Good luck to Sierra Leonians on your Election Day.
and all those running for President.


My Ancestry kit has arrived!

Time to explore exactly which part of the continent, region , tribe, I hail from.
Funny thing with this is that it will only give me my mothers line. Apparently to trace m fathers I need male dna so my brother ill have to do it
Not sure. why that is tbh, I'm reading up on it.

Good morning x

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

President Koroma Steps Down

President Ernest Bai Koroma.
End of Term

Ive quite liked Samura Kamara
I almost wish he had run as an independent.
As the APC's leading man however, he is the favourite to win.

If the people are serious about wanting an end to corruption, their vote is the perfect way to make that known.
They really should vote wisely.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

DJ Spinall & Wizkid - Nowo

Black Panther: The Film Every African Leader Should See.

Black Panther, I can honestly say is one of the best movies I've ever seen.

Not only is it beautifully shot, but it tells the story of the African Diaspora, and African Leadership, so well.
Effortlessly in fact.
Nationalism to Panafricanism

For me, it's a story of identity and nationhood.
It's my story, in all its beautiful ugly, functional and dysfunctional glory.

Killmonger, Panther's rival, represents us in the African Diaspora. A child of those taken from the continent who had survived the ordeal.

Killmonger; the child that was denied his own birthright
He had been hidden away, until he would be hidden no more

"They won't accept you.."
"They'll say that you're lost"
"but I'm not lost.. I'm right here."

Perhaps for obvious reasons, ( and some not so obvious) I rooted for Killmonger.
Am I the only one who shed a tear for him?, surely not.

Killmonger had observed his motherland from afar, for so long, in despair. He saw his people scattered around the globe and saw the injustices they face.
Libyan slavery, police brutality, racism.. it's all there.
His anger was justified.
He lost his father, and was treated as an outcast.
Yet it was his inability to contain that anger that ultimately let him down.

"Burn it all!".. he said
You don't get more angry than that!

His vision was of Panafricanism.

Killmonger represents many of our revolutionary and visionary leaders of the past
Black Panther, represents our leaders now.
A limited vision, where the comfort of self, stands before the comfort of the people.

"Youre a good man, with a good heart, and it's hard for a good man , to be King"

One of the 1st scenes is set in Nigeria. where insurgents had kidnapped a group of local girls (sound familiar?)
Action moved swiftly moved to London

The fact that 'Wakanda' turned a blind eye to the suffering of their own people abroad, fuelled Killmonger to want better for his people.

He stayed on the sidelines and watched as King after King failed to make a change. He watched as 'Wakandan's' revealed in they're own glory and ignorance, concerned only with life within their immediate surroundings.

T'Challa was crowned King, yet even his own love interest Nakia, played by Lupia Nyongo, simply couldn't live the kind of life he was offering, to live a life where others were denied, and she did nothing; she could not fully embrace him until he was willing to shed some old traditions and embrace the reality that there was a life outside of Wakanda; that there existed an African Diaspora.

Nakia knew she was a Queen, but she needed Panther to truly be a King.

T'Challa needed Killmonger.
Without him, Panther would not have evolved.

In reality, they needed each other.
Killmonger opened T'Challa's eyes, but like so many before him, he paid the price.

The fight scenes were outstanding.
Killmonger put Africa in the spotlight.

"Is this your King?? a man who couldn't save his own father?"

Like Marcus Garvey, Malcom X, Walter Rodney, Haile Selassie, Kwame Nkrumah, Franz Fanon, Patrice Lumumba and many more; Killmonger highlighted the failings of 'Wakanda'.
He was the 'outsider', and sometimes to fix a problem it takes distance in order to see it clearly, and implement a solution,

Killmonger honoured his ancestors. He would not forget them. He too, loved his father.
"..they knew death, was better than bondage"

'Wakanda' has the resources to liberate their people around the globe'

"I'm not the King of everyone, just of my own people"

Many will see the beauty of the film alone. It is beautiful. it's fun, action packed, and funny
but ultimately it's one of the finest depictions on the state of our people today that I've ever seen.

I've always felt that the development of Africa is intrinsically linked to the elevation and respect of it's women, and that the greatest untapped resource is its Diaspora.

This is a movie that all African Leaders should see; and I hope that if they do, they get the message.

You were raped and robbed of your people, sold your people in some cases, for little and nothing.
Thousands of your people were cast into the sea to be eaten by sharks. Your people were branded and tortured, they were worked as mules to build nations and create great wealth, they were raped, beaten and abused.
They were to speak there languages only if willing to court death, to practice their rituals often meant death
but they found a way.
They fought back, many didn't make it, but many did.
We are the grandchildren of those that did
Some returned home ( Liberia Sierra Leone ) but others didn't.
Some are returning now.

Wake up Africa.
Killmonger is real.

They are Wakandan's
The Wakanadans you didn't save
The Wakandans that you hoped to forget
They are primed for thier birthright

how can everyone else know this... but you?

Africas problem is that 'it' believes that its greatest wealth is to be found below ground...but its real diamonds are in plain sight... above ground.

Friday, 2 March 2018

You Want Sex? - Stay Away From The Gambia!

Gambian Minister for Tourism and Culture, spoke out earlier this year against tourists who travel to The Gambia for sex

He said

“We are not a sex destination. If you want a sex destination, you go to Thailand. The Gambia is not a sex destination. We are not, we are not and please every Gambian must sing that song,”
The diplomatic row came about in his reference to Thailand.
you want sex?, go to Thailand!

While in the Gambia many years ago, I witnessed it for myself.
Old men walking on the beach fondling young Gambian girls
boys and men scoring the beaches for foreign women

It has been an open secret not I must say for the Gambia alone.

The root cause is poverty.
Surely the best way to tackle the issue of young women and women general being exploited in this way is for women to be given better opportunities, and ultimately.. better choices.
for education, employment et al.
Not only opportunity.
It's also a matter of culture, and how we in many cultures view the role and worth of women.

The exploitative or transactional sex trade is often silently hidden beneath the title girlfriend. This masks the fact that the transaction at hand is, give me sex and i'll give you money, clothes shoes, or simple basic amenities.

We should treat our women with respect, and protect them, not exploit them. See women as valuable, and not only objects of fun
Once this happens, foreign tourists will no longer feel it appropriate to exploit women for sex.
Money, class, status.. very real barriers for many women.

Kerr Fatou interviews Hon Hamat Bah. Minister for Tourism and Culture


Movie night, yes, I'm off to the movies!.

See how pretty the snow is?


My weekend reading, and I'm looking forward to it! :-)

Have a great evening!

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Snowy Days

The snow has been beautiful!

Sent these pics to Ti over in Oz.. can't believe he said awwww sorry I missed it - huh?!


Weekend WOW Factor: Does Buhari, APC Deserve A Second Term?

Yes it's early. Weekend starts here.
Elections take place in Nigeria next year, and discussions are abound

Can ex-president Obasinjo really advise or criticise current President Buhari?

Well...you decide...

Will Buhari run again?
..some think he should not..

I hope the increased attention to Fulani agitation and reported attacks on farmers is not a divide and rule ploy to further highlight the Presidents ethnicity
After all.. the conflict between herders and farmers is neither new nor is it specific to Nigeria alone.

Corruption, the economy unemployment and stability. 4 key areas by which he will be judged.
Regardless, as time draws nearer to the ballot box what will matter most, is who promises most.

For any ex President to speak out against nepotism cronyism or tribalism is honourable, yet can only be taken seriously if one has not engaged in such practices surely

A non political coalition is a good idea, however, it's an anonomoly. a non political movement engaged in politics?
That's political.

I like the idea of the Red Card movement even if in name only.
There are leaders who should be shown the red card for sure, or at the very least be met with... sceptical resistance

Then again, perhaps we need to look closely at Presidential advisors.

Anyway, congratulations to the former President on his Phd

I love the fact that age is no barrier to education..
just money:)

..no seriously, it's good to continue to stretch the mind and keep learning. He has done well.

Our education should never stand in the way of reason
'All New APC - Where Our Education Will Never Stand In The Way Of Reason'.

There. rebranded... and it didn't even cost them a penny :-)


Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Rudolf Okonkwo Reads - "This American Life Sef" |Channels Book Club|

Waiting patiently for the arrival of this book... finally.
Need to catch up on my reading, Ignite the imagination and fuel the passion.
I've never joined a book club before, I may set one up, meet at a nice restaurant.. hmmm.. yummy. I even like the idea of the online bookclub, great for our busy lives
What do you think?

Could be cool

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Dexta Daps- Weak To You

The Poverty Paradox: Why Most Poverty Programs Fail And How To Fix Them | Efosa Ojomo | TEDxGaborone

Weekend WOW Factor: Tiwa Savage - Get It Now

I love this sooo much
Woo hooo!

Weekend WOW Factor - Catching Up on Zuma and The Rising Cost of Living

Yes it's the weekend.
my pride and joy being the purchase of 1 new garden broom!

Those of you who know me, know that I have a passion for gardening, and you may also know I can often neglect my passion, especially during the winter months.

It's an on-going battle I face, however, I do believe my woes will be solved by the purchase of a fire pit.
Yes I am hoping that a blazing fire will warm my garden during the cold season and I will be able to do I what I enjoy most..
sit outside
( when I get a chance to sit that is)

Speaking of purchases, this little lot cost me £25

and this little lot, 3 bags of fruit and veg,..

Cost £35
last year the fruit and veg would have cost me £15 at most
and the little selection of toiletries.. approx £12

I swear London is trying to kill my vibe!

What is gods name is going on with our economy that the price of goods can double or triple in a year?
For many of us, our salaries are not as buoyant as they could or even should be

I'll tell you something funny about Brexit
what started as a conversation on immigration and the free movement of people, has turned into a discussion on trade and the single market

The number of European migrants has apparently fallen to record lows since Brexit but immigration from outside of the EU has risen
I'm not sure how much I believe that as I come across more and more Europeans every since day. However, those are the stats [click]

It's a sad day when you cannot trust your leaders
Politicians are simply not being honest
xenophobia was the fuel that oiled the Brexit campaign, but attention will be shifted to non europeans once more.
I'm sure some people simply can't survive without racism
their world would come crashing down

'We are not Sheep!'

I took a picture of my daily communte
This was Highbury Stn during rush hour when the guards decided to only open one gate

Time to invest in the expansion of Highbury and Isligton station, before someone snaps!
I promise it won't be me :)
I hate crowds at the best of times but there's little worse than being crammed in with no personal space
Whose idea was it that the working day has to begin at around the same time?


I didn't get to say much about Jacob Zuma's resignation; other than, the King is dead long live the King
as that Cyril fella is no better
just you wait and see..

Day 1 - "I aint leaving..look how handsome I am.."

Day 2 "motherf****s wanna get me out?"

Day 3 - I've made enough money anyway, times up.

Yes Mr President, My brother. It is.

Jacob Zuma had become an embarrassment. It's a low blow when leaders like this use the white minority rule conversation and talk about their revolutionary struggle to tug at your heart strings, and disguise their own wrongdoing, and exploitation of their own people.
I'm not sure what happened to him, but as often is the case, many start out well, yet succumb to power in the worst of ways.
Jacob Zuma lacked discipline. Yes, a corrupt and greedy man, as even though he has multiple wives, still felt the need to sex his best friends young daughter and try and hide it

You simply cannot trust a man like that with any national budget
(or your wife)
Zuma had to go.

The ANC has lost credibility as a political party and I'm not sure they can ever regain it.


The look you give when you hear Zuma ( and all others like him) speak

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Weekend WOW Factor: Pt 2. Women In Music. Simi - One Kain & Seyi Shay - Bia

As a further tribute to Ms Ebony, please enjoy these two fine artists.
Both unique in sound and style.
My girls have dominated the sound waves this weekend

Well... that's just how we roll

Wonderful fusion with Cuban influences
Back to the root.
Africa baby!

Simi Simi Simi, I've had this on reply for so long, so it's a joy to have the accompanying visuals.
Quality music from a quality artist.

Weekend WOW Factor: Ebony Reigns

Ghanaian music suffered a huge loss just days ago, with the unfortunate death of Ebony Reigns, popular Ghanian Reggae/Dancehall Singer.
Condolences go out to her family and friends

A shocking and fatal car crash which cost the lives of three young people, and left many in shock and disbelief.

So today in part 2, in honour of Ebony I wanted to feature some of our finest( and possibly lesser known across the water) female singers.

Female artists have a lot to navigate undoubtedly, as in life, more than men, yet despite that, they continue to shine, add colour, sassiness, sexiness strength, vulnerability, and balance

Ebony was known as a Reggae dancehall singer. Her raunchy stage antics provoking some criticism, but anyone who know dancehall.. Jamaican reggae dancehall, will know that it's all part of the game.

The impact it has had on Jamican society however, is for another post

But Ebony (like many female artists) had depth. Many use the twerking etc as a route in, as Its popular, attracts attention and can provide a decent income. It's pop culture.

Reggae Dancehall is becoming increasingly popular across Africa, bridging the gap between the continent, and the Caribbean; bringing people together who were cruelly separated, and trained systematically to despise each other.

I liked that she had dreads. Nice to see an African woman rocking her natural hair on the continent. Break the mould a bit.
We've had enough of the 'Kardashian effect'

The American influence on Africa has been great
but the continent is fighting back, and it's artists like Ebony, who are at the forefront of this cultural revolution

So alas, her time was short..
but rest in peace Ebony
Long may you reign.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Di'Ja Ft. Tiwa Savage - The Way You Are

My girls

The Traveller

So Ti is off for a few months. Currently in Dubai, then heading further. I already miss him. Watching him and his girlfriend board the taxi in the early hours, I felt it. Happy and excited for them both , but a tinge of sadness also.
Ti's my son yes, but he's also my confidant
my resilient son, who always has the best advice
As I lay in bed contemplating how far he's come, and the wonderful young man he is,
all I can say is, he's a joy, and I'm proud of them all

Safe travels to you both, missing you both already x

me last night contemplating the months ahead without my boy..

Signs & Wonders ft Music from Fally, ft R Kelly, & Falz ft Wanda Coal

Now aint that something:-)
Nice shoes!

Is it just me or did you also hear the sound of other feet shuffling feet and a door closing?
God bless that cameraman..


On the soundtrack is a long awaited appearance from one of Congos most precious musical diamonds; Fally, and this time he is featuring R Kelly
They sound good together

Falz ft Wande Coal

Music to drive to, dance to, chill to

Great track


Saturday, 3 February 2018

Weekend WOW Factor: Why We Love African Politics

Much anticipated Elections in Sierra Leone are due to take place within a matter of weeks
and it's the talk of the country
Who will be the next President of Sierra Leone?


Sierra Leone has a $224 million 5-year programme with the IMF and despite the current suspension of funding due to unmet goals, many are yet to see exactly how or where the funds benefit the people or country.
But hey...money is fluid in Sierra Leone

The Red Cross has been citied to have pilfered $6bn from the Ebola Funds, and there remains over $15m unaccounted for within the Government itself.

Reports are that many of the Ebola Health workers were not paid, and despite Ebola survivors being told they would receive compensation, they are yet to receive it.

7000 people were displaced as a result of last years deadly mudslide, and the governments promise to rehouse them all is yet to be realised.

The mudslide itself is believed to have been a result of illegal logging and excessive deforestation, yet it continues.

Kroo Bay , one of Sierra Leone's most populated slum, and other slums across the country, continues to suffer from a lack of sanitation...and poverty, all under the watch of the APC, the party in power.

It's not uncommon the hear Sierra Leonians complain of the governments corrupt practices, and lack of investment in the country, yet... with an election only weeks away, at a recent APC election rally, this happened...

Thousands of people came out in force.. to support them

An election rally is not a carnival where we dress up walk the streets and play mass, but yet.. that's almost exactly what occurred.

Can anyone explain that?

All hail the Cowfoot Prince

Not to be outdone opposition leader in Kenya, Raila Odinga
Despite first losing the 1st presidential elections in Kenya, insisting on a re-election and getting it, (something that has never happened across the entire continent of Africa) then refusing to take part in said election...
Last week, Swore himself in.....as President

Supported... by thousands of followers

You simply can't make it up
Truth really is the best fiction :)

Raila Odinga, the Peoples President
Uhuru Kenyatta, the rest of the Peoples President

Monday, 22 January 2018

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Chilled Sunday

A Sunday spent catching up on things, housework I haven't had time to do all week, and checking out some tunes
My Havana

This one is so cool calm and nice

'plenty blessings follow you.. plenty blessings follow me..'

to you all x

Still in love with this one
What can I say.. it's sweet